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Arms Of Eve is a specialty fashion accessories brand that features the latest trends, empowering women & men to adorn themselves and feel inspired, confident, individual & beautiful.

Our fashion-forward, travel-inspired accessories are a destination that encourages women & men to stack, style & layer, creating their own unique combinations.

More than a fashion accessories brand, Arms Of Eve strives to create a lifestyle that is actualized from our founder’s passion for travel, people, food, music and philanthropic efforts.

Our team operates with a strong ethical consciousness that aims to reveal the handmade processes and high quality of our global artisans while only working with SEDEX approved factories.

Arms Of Eve is headquartered in Sydney, Australia and offers free global shipping on orders $100+ in the US & Canada and we ship to over 100 countries worldwide. Gift cards are also available.


Understanding the origin of Arms Of Eve is impossible unless you become familiar with our founder’s story. Decades in the making, Arms Of Eve gives life to the many pencil sketches living within the pages of worn travel journals and sketchbooks, dating from our founder's early beginnings in Africa which continued to stay with her to Australia, the USA, and beyond.

Inspiration comes deep within Kerryn Langer’s history and heritage, influenced by her two greatest teachers; her mother and grandmother. With her African heritage at her fingertips, Kerryn fell in love with tribal textiles that continued to influence her, intertwining a balanced harmony within her bohemian-beach lifestyle.

Arms Of Eve is an extremely personal journey that has come to fruition through Kerryn’s passion for travel, love of food, obsessive thirst to collect and curate beautiful objects, and her insatiable appetite to interact with and learn from others.  

Ethically handcrafted and empowering our artisan communities to sustain their timeless craft, Arms Of Eve chronicles a place, a time and a people. 

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