To put this another way, ethical marketing isn’t a strategy; it’s a philosophy. It includes everything from ensuring advertisements are honest and trustworthy, to building strong relationships with consumers through a set of shared values. 

Our way: Exceptional quality.
Ethical factories. Radical Transparency

Every factory has a story. We seek the best from around the world to make our products. 

We spend months finding the best factories around the world—the same ones that produce your favorite designer labels. We visit them often and build strong personal relationships with the owners. Each factory is given a compliance audit to evaluate factors like fair wages, reasonable hours, and environment. 

All of our factories are Sedex approved, one of the world’s leading ethical trade service providers, working to improve working conditions in global supply chains. Sedex provides practical tools, services and a community network to help companies improve their responsible and sustainable business practices, and source responsibly.



We are compelled to support global charities like i=Change

"We celebrate the inherent power of all women. We therefore strive to give back to women and kids by providing skills and education.

A small act of kindness of as little as $1 per purchase, can add up to provide dignity, hope and support for the most vulnerable women and kids around the world, so they too can live safe, happy and healthy lives." – Kerryn Langer, Founder Arms Of Eve